Sonny Preyer, Vol. 2 (A Fairy Tale of a Different Kind)

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The Illumenae came about because some wise souls believed that those who cherish peace should not have to suffer those who relish war. They are individuals bred for one purpose, to renew the Promise that gives peace to the people of the Realm. It is a genetic promise, kept through propagation. And Sonny does not yet know that he is one of them.

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At Eighteen, Sonny doesn't want to remember who he is or the promise he made before his birth. He will die before he admits to being the source that ended all wars, all starvation, and all strife.

S2E1: "Mercy Part II”

In the guise of a troubled teenage boy, convincing to himself and the world around him, he has run from this truth all his life. But his body is a constant reminder, his aversion to intimacy a persistent defense, and everyone he knows is a conspirator to the lie that keeps him safe.

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