A History of the Universe: Volume III: Serendipity

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Researchers were trying to look for X-rays originating on the Moon they were expected to be induced by solar radiation when their instruments picked up the first sources of X-rays outside our solar system.

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Pulsars were found by researchers looking for fluctuations driven by the solar wind, while the first cosmic gamma-ray sources were picked up by sensors designed to spot nuclear tests. All of these sources have also turned out to be a playground for theoretical physicists, given that they appear to involve exotic objects like black holes, neutron stars, and gravity waves.

A few other examples don't even make the cut for the article, like the discovery of the first exoplanets.

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They just happened to do tests that were sensitive enough to pick up smaller objects. I'm also not sure if anyone was even talking about dark energy when the WMAP probe was designed, but its detailed look at the cosmic microwave background apparently contains evidence that about three-quarters of the stuff in the Universe appears to be dark energy.

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Nobody expected the Voyagers to spot volcanoes on Io, either. This sort of thing is hardly unique to astronomy, either. An expedition to the deep sea rift zones was supposedly so completely unprepared to find thriving ecosystems that they had to raid the ship's vodka supply to preserve the samples.

In any case, the article has helped me end the Year of Astronomy with a profound sense of excitement. We've currently got some absolutely superb single-purpose instruments in orbit, like the planet hunters CoRoT and Kepler, that appear to be performing their expected functions extremely well.

But the Universe has been full of surprises, and there seems to be a better-than-ever chance that one of those observatories will stumble onto something they weren't designed to see. His sons, Marion, Jr. Yvonne told me of subsequent reunions and visits through the years and of how she still cherishes the hostess gifts my late mother always sent after her visits.

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Of Serendipity and the Ancestors. Legacy by Yvonne Foster Southerland. Henry Kong's crisp and succinct narration takes the reader from the Florentine Renaissance and the French Enlightenment to the Holocaust and the end of the human race. All the key events, important figures, and major trends in the arts, sciences, and geopolitics are here, along with fascinating, thought provoking counter factual scenarios.

A History of the Universe : Volume III: Serendipity

This book is a must for all history fans. Reviews Review Policy. Published on.

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