Au désert : Une anthropologie du tourisme dans le Sud marocain (French Edition)

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Low High. The flags indicate which authority file had at least some publications from the country or region :. Publication Statistics Publication History About Personal Information Gender: Male Nationality or associated country : FR - France fr - Francie - Field of Activity : socialni antropologie kulturni antropologie historicka antropologie antropologie Occupation : vysokoskolsti ucitele socialni antropologove antropologove Language : fre - French.

Maroc : Dans l'enfer du tourisme sexuel

Send us a comment. Her research interests focus more generally on the role of subnational institutions and participatory devices in non-democratic regimes. Responsible of providing counselling training. Funded by Paris Aids. Harry Cross is researching banking and finance in Sudan in the decades immediately post-independence He is particularly interested in how political elites interact with the financial sector, and the relationship between finance and the post-colonial state.

The period he is studying follows 50 years of Anglo-Egyptian rule in Sudan during which banking was dominated by expatriate firms, and precedes the rising importance both of official international creditors and Islamic Banking exported from the Gulf. Consequently, he is seeking to explore an under-researched period that saw domestic Sudanese experiments with banking and finance, in the form of private Sudanese-owned commercial banks, state investment banks, central banking and the wholesale nationalisation of the Sudanese banking sector in Harry Cross is particularly interested in linking up with researchers investigating the political economy of banking and finance elsewhere in the region, or further afield, as well as developing inter-disciplinary links with researchers in economics, political science and geography.

She is currently doing his doctorate on transnational social protection. How Sudanese migrants in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom and their families in Sudan use social protection, locally and transnationally. In order to answer this question, four sub-questions have been identified:. What forms of social protection do Sudanese transnational families use, in order to receive and provide protection? Are different forms of social protection used to address different needs, and if so how?

What factors of receiving country contexts influence the forms of social protection used?

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Matthew Steele is a Ph. D student in Islamic Studies at Harvard University. He researches jurisprudence and knowledge production in West and North Africa, with a particular focus on the intellectual history, texts, and communities that shaped legal scholarship from the 18th to early 20th centuries. Matthew has previously conducted fieldwork in Yemen, Morocco, Mauritania, and Senegal.

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    Nazala min al-Shinqit wa Wasala ila al-Tayshit? The Development of Juridical Knowledge in Sudan]. Engendering the Law? She holds a scholarship position doctoral contract, and is a junior course lecturer allocataire-monitrice at Sciences Po Paris while advancing her PhD research. The latter focuses on the impacts of in opportune interactions between local, regional and global stakeholders on separatism in Africa. It investigates the case of the Sudan s , from to She wonders how come the creation of a new state ended up to be the only considered geopolitical solution to a civil conflict whose roots could, though, be accounted for by the nature of the institutional and political Sudanese state apparatus.

    It finally tries to highlight some of the paradoxes that one could identify by confronting local and international attitudes and processes. She was researching genesis of transnational networks of the sudanese political opposition of Darfur and Kordofan, that she was focused on in Cairo. She conducted fieldwork in Egypt, Sudan and Turkey.

    She is now researching comparatively the effects of the political context on syrian exiles in Egypt and Turkey, and keep a deep interest on the Sudanese case in an historical perspective.

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    She is currently working on political commitment and transnational networks during an exile into an authoritarian context. He analyses street economies in Sudan. After a first study for a master degree on construction laborers, his current research focuses on street workers in several neighborhoods of the capital of the Sudan Khartoum 2, Souk el arabi, Mayo, Deim.

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    Guillaume is currently writing his thesis and teaching at the university. His research relates to The Protection of Minorities in Peacebuilding Process and mainly addresses ethnic groups. His research brings closer two different issues: Peacebuilding — which is often equated to the new legal and controversial concept of jus post bellum — and the law of minorities. So as to associate these two issues into one comprehensive study, the research combines two objectivist approaches to international law: the sociological approach G.

    Scelle and the more recent democratic approach to international law built upon J.

    Exotic endurance: Tourism, fitness and the Marathon des Sables - Debbie Lisle,

    It notably tries to determine whether ethnic units can be granted collective status and rights additional to standard individual minority rights. It finally calls into question the international legal personality of ethnic minorities in the African regional legal context either as legal or natural person.

    D research in Sudan. His research focusing on religious groups in international relations. He was working in Omdurman university department of political science where he graduated.