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We are able to read Pdf books on our desktops, tablets, smartphones and mobile devices. Hence, there are several collection of ebooks being getting into PDFformat. The one-time trumpeter and former tenor saxophonist crafted a distinctive, personal clarinet voice with a husky tone and flowing lines. He developed the ability to improvise endlessly with ease like his greatest inspiration, saxophonist Coleman Hawkins.

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At the Monkey Inn Goudie took long, loping solos integrating his Creole background with three decades jamming alongside the jazz elite of Europe. Pouring out masterful improvisations with drive and imagination, his variations unfold like blossoms. Rhythmically accurate and supportive, Carter shifted his patterns fluidly, crisply punctuating the action with quick jabs. In retrospect, this unassuming beer and pizza joint was a vanguard in the second wave of the Great San Francisco Jazz Revival , a friendly and casual setting for emerging talent to gain experience and hone their chops.

Ellis Horne sustained a modest career for another three decades. Worse, Bill Erickson committed suicide by oven gas a few years later at age The Monkey Inn tapes are a sparkling tribute to these gifted but long forgotten musical partners.

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Toward the late s — as gigs like this disappeared and lifestyles evolved to encompass day jobs and families — the action moved to the weekends. Local Traditional Jazz societies coalesced to support the music. Erickson, Mielke, Carter, Goudie or Horne — and sometimes Blumberg — combined as one musical voice, exploring the dynamic musical potential in a few unamplified bits of wood, brass, steel, felt, ebony and skin at the Monkey Inn.

Thanks to them all for tapes, photos and memories. Thanks to Hal Smith for music consultation and assistance. Images, photos and audio, except as noted, are from the personal collections of Mielke, Scheelar and Oxtot.

Frog and Henry - The Girls Go Crazy (Bunk Johnson)

Their vast personal libraries are destined for the Stanford University Libraries music archive as part of the Dave Radlauer Jazz collection. The audio is surprisingly vivid on these recovered audiotapes that were made with high-quality German microphones fed directly to an open reel Ampex tape deck. The Monkey Inn tapes are only slightly marred by missed notes, ambient noise and location sound.

Mielke wanders, claps off-beat at times and stomps his foot near the end of each number alerting other musicians to the concluding bars. Royal Garden Blues.

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Yellow Dog Blues. Horne set complete. Sweet Georgia Brown [fragment].

Bienville Blues. Japanese Sandman.


Johnson, Bunk 1879-1949

Blumberg set complete. These performers rarely sounded happier than when playing primarily for themselves and only secondarily for a local college crowd who responded with either indifferent boredom or overheated enthusiasm. The audibly-swinging saloon doors adjacent to the piano allowed street sounds to enter from busy Shattuck Avenue. Mielke always maintained that the s hit song for The Andrews Sisters had roots in Yiddish music.

Just a Closer Walk with Thee. Careless Love. Joseph, Joseph. Goudie set complete. The Gang at Monkey Inn I. Monkey Inn Gang II.

The Gang at Monkey Inn (Part 2) The Bill Erickson Combos – The Syncopated Times

Jerry Blumberg. Frank Goudie. Goudie in San Francisco. Bill Erickson Story. Willie the Master article. Mielke at Stanford. Part 1 is HERE.