Do Butterflies Know When Its Going To Rain?

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Larry Gilbert, professor in the Department of Integrative Biology at the University of Texas at Austin, expert in biological diversity and longtime snout follower, has been watching snouts since he was a kid in Laredo. He cites an incident in the s in which successive rains broke a long drought.

In the adult butterfly stage, snouts take nectar from various flowering plants and live about two weeks. The insects disguise themselves as dead leaves when their wings are closed. With wings open, they flaunt their orange, black, and white accents and are sometimes confused with monarchs or painted lady butterflies.

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When dry weather occurs and hackberries retreat into dormancy, the snouts also start to shut down, said Gilbert. They go into a kind of hibernation, he explained, waiting for the rains. Around June , rainfall exceeded 18 inches in some parts of South Texas.

Where do butterflies go when it rains?

That likely started the cycle. A few weeks later, San Antonio got several inches of rain around July 4. Three weeks later, the snouts appeared.

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  7. Gilbert said snouts typically gravitate to ditches, moist areas, and streams and wait for the rains so they can reproduce. At the Nueva Street dam in Southtown near downtown San Antonio recently, hundreds of snouts gathered at the dam release.

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    I have a question about caterpillars making their chrysalis in unsheltered places when its raining and with the likelihood or strong wind and stormy weather. Today one of my caterpillars chose a very unwise place to make a chrysalis with the incoming stormy weather and rain. It has just started raining tonight, but was fine most of the day. Do they need dry conditions to make a successful chrysalis? I prefer to leave them where they are but if it has a better chance of making it if I move it then I will do my best.

    Ant advice on what to feed them if you take them inside to emerge? In the wild, most would survive without human intervention.

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    To some extent it depends where the chrysalises are. The butterflies certainly sense the right timing — perhaps they can sense what the weather is going to be like and time their emergence accordingly.

    Baby, it’s Cold Outside: What to do with Late Season Butterflies?

    They can withstand drops in temperature. If you wanted to be VERY involved, you could remove the chrysalis from where it is and put it somewhere sheltered — even indoors — and enjoy the spectacle. Remember Me. December 10, at PM Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 of 6 total. December 29, at PM Rebecca Member.

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