Finance & Development, December 1999

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Oil Rents, Institutions and Financial Development: Case Study of selected Oil Exporting Countries

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Financial Systems and Economic Development in the 21st Century: Are We All Keynesians Yet?

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The selective impact of legal reform on financial development' working paper, in progress. A focus on shareholder value' presented to workshop at Waseda University, Tokyo, January. Panel data and time series evidence from less developed countries'. Siems, S. Deakin, A.

Schnyder, G ? J and Skeel,. Published in Danish on the December 2nd, issue of the magazine. An official English translation of the article is available on the internet. Finally, the debate on financial structure is reviewed. Is a bank-based or a market-based financial system better for promoting economic development?

New research finds that establishing a legal environment that rigorously protects the rights of investors is fundamentally more important than any considerations involving comparisons between bank-based or market-based systems. Both banks and markets provide complementary services to the economy with positive implications for economic performance.

How to Cite. Levine, R. Uneasy Partnership. Geoffrey Hale. Saleh Mr. Economic Governance in the Age of Globalization. William Tabb.

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Shah Anwar. Social versus Corporate Welfare. Retooling Global Development and Governance.

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Manuel Montes. The Continuing Evolution of Europe. Partners and Rivals.

Shalendra D. Luc Mr. Capital and Collusion. Hilton L. Globalization and the BRICs. Francesca Beausang.