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If any of that sounds like a Friends episode, rest assured, they know. The mania and meta-ness of Happy Endings leads the show to poke fun at classic sitcom farce in this episode, which is in and of itself a classic sitcom farce. Roper-esque nosy landlord. The central couple got the biggest tweaks, with Dave becoming a pretentious weirdo and Alex evolving from the girl who sourced Hitler jokes on Wikipedia to being the girl who would confuse Wikipedia for an infection you get from swimming in a lake.

Then it shows off its knack for elegant three-plot structures, loosely pairing Dave and Alex in one story, Max and Brad in another, then giving Penny a solo journey and allowing Jane to flit in and out of each one. Brad reveals that as much as he loves hanging out with the gang, he likes hanging out with his black friends too. It adds some delicate nuance to Brad, as well as allowing him to introduce his black friends, which results in one of my favorite exchanges in the show.

Max pretends to be straight to date a Bulls season ticket holder; Alex becomes well-read and throws off the group dynamic.

Take ‘Friends’ to Chicago, Then Hit Fast-Forward

The Incident. Bros Before Bros. Penny reaches out to her estranged father; when Brad and Max help sabotage a rival food truck, Max falls for the enemy's son. She Got Game Night. The competition gets out of hand when Brad and Jane host a couples game night; Dave and Alex consult a psychic. The Storm Before the Calm.

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Penny writes a play as a way to deal with her breakup with Pete and wants Derrick and his theater group to stage it; Alex and Max get an offer from a marketing group. The Ballad of Lon Sarofsky.

Penny's friends are shocked when she has an affair with the Car Czar Rob Corddry ; Max enters a pageant with Dave and Alex as his coaches. Max asks Jane to help him get his act together so he can prove that his life is not pathetic; Alex tries to use a stockpile of coupons.

Deuce Babylove 2: Electric Babydeuce. When Penny's mom and Dave's dad decide to adopt a baby together, Dave and Penny react irrationally. Jane is tasked with planning the perfect wedding for her older sister, Brooke Stephanie March.

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Select Plan. Dave's Happy Ending Edit Wife. Best friendship with Michael Jordan. He may have feelings for Penny as suggested by his therapist. Dave and Alex were in a relationship for eight years, before they broke up. In the third season, he moves back in with Alex.