How to Make Gluten Free Amaretti Cookies (The Basic Art of Italian Cooking Book 2)

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If so, than I think this would work. Definitely refrigerate it before you bake though, otherwise they will not hold their shape well during baking.

Please report back if you try it! Hi Melody! If you do try it, please let me know! However, you could definitely use maple syrup, which is general I prefer, just it does not behave in the same manner. Maple syrup will merely just thin the frosting out a bit, and add some maple flavor. If you do wish to substitute it, please be aware of that and use a bit less, because it is thinner than corn syrup and might make the icing too runny to set or pipe properly!

I made these cookies and they are so so good! Kept everything nice and cold as suggested. Made simple round cutout because it was the first time making these, so kept it easy. Had fun decorating with royal icing powdered egg white, powdered sugar, water. I have an electric hand mixer.

What would be the altered directions for this recipe?

Reviews of Gluten-Free Cookbooks, Books and Celiac Disease Books

I tried to make these and it was a disaster. So I rolled the whole thing to a sausage, froze and cut ovals… but those swelled to about double their size in the oven. My only thought is that somehow your ingredients were off — mostly likely the butter — I always weigh my ingredients by grams. Or alternatively, the dry ingredients were under-measured.

Did you try halving the recipe or anything strange? Also, be sure that any sticks of butter by weight correspond with the grams listed. Hi Laura, thanks for your quick reply! I made the complete recipe. Probably the same issue here. I will try again, because the taste was incredible! Will keep you posted. Thanks again, XM. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Amaretti Cookies

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Let’s look at how to make the best butter cake right away.

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