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    Nightmare" by Phoebe Legere "N. Pie" by The Brakes "N. Plantation" by Nature Boys "N. Pot" by Jovonn "N. Slam" by The Mob "N. Finally, David's Tourette's like verbal abuse was often funny, as were the foul thoughts that these two mind readers yanked from their victims. There was--I can't do this!

    I kid you not. Weirdly undisciplined and self-indulgent, like this review. This level of weirdness always earns an extra half star. Jul 17, Madison Parker rated it really liked it Shelves: bdsm , hurt-comfort , made-me-cry. Dear Jonah, You are a perplexing but lovable combination of sweet and edgy. I want to hug you and spank you at the same time. Bless you for putting up with David and for understanding that sometimes the ones who are hardest to love are the ones who need love the most.

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    You are an angel. A very kinky angel. With puppets. Love, Madison. Jun 11, Andrea rated it did not like it. Did not like the writing or the story - seemed like an adolescent fantasy.

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    Jan 19, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: free , z , mm-read. Jonah needs a job so that he can move out of his parents' house and get a job so he has enrolled in cooking school. Unfortunately, he is not very good at it and things are looking bad until he wins the opportunity to be David's assistant. David and Jonah are like chalk and cheese. Jonah is incredibly sweet and generous and slightly naive while David is a bit of a bastard.

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    They connect sexually and Jonah starts to fall in love but David keeps treating other people like crap and Jonah is finding i Jonah needs a job so that he can move out of his parents' house and get a job so he has enrolled in cooking school. They connect sexually and Jonah starts to fall in love but David keeps treating other people like crap and Jonah is finding it harder and harder to put up with.

    David is pretty unlikeable for most of the book except for the times he is with Bobby, view spoiler [ a young boy who was injured in a car accident caused by David's drunk driving and who now is unable to walk hide spoiler ] but we do see slight changes in the way he treats other people. The ending was a little abrupt for me and I wish there would have been more communication at the hospital between the MCs as Jonah's change of mind was just a little quick.

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    Feb 22, Nancy Carbajal rated it liked it. Jonah is so funny and sweet, just like his last name.

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    Able to read minds, but still manages to forgive people for some of their thoughts David on the other hand takes on a different attitude in that he treats people how he reads them, never thinking that he is intruding on private thoughts and has a temper. They cant read each others minds though and that makes for some interesting scenarios where each of them are at a disadvantage on how each tries to figure out the other. Roger Hyttinen rated it really liked it Jun 14, Phillip Porter rated it liked it Sep 07, Lisa rated it liked it Jul 27, Elizabeth rated it really liked it Sep 24, Kim rated it liked it May 31, Jennifer rated it liked it Jan 30, Kelli Brown rated it liked it Nov 15, Trisie rated it did not like it Feb 04, Elaine rated it really liked it Jan 08, At night, when most people his age were out with friends having fun, Jonah was home in his childhood bedroom in Queens working on his puppets.

    They brought him to a secret wonderful place where nothing could ever harm him. They took him away from onions, raw chicken, and greasy faced cooking instructors who sneered at him no matter what he did. These puppets were all beautiful gay men with chiseled bodies and nice cocks. He named them and kept them categorized according to dominant and submissive.

    The Queen Of Delancey Street

    He designed outfits of black leather and lace, with handcuffs, masks, and boots.