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Make it quick. I wanna kick your ass quickly so I can claim the title of the best fighter in all of Japan!

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Surely I can't be the best in all Japan. This is just going to be a big waste of your time, even if you do manage to 'kick my ass'.

Probably the best in the world, in fact. And so, if I kill you, that title will become mine. I've been training for this moment for my entire life, and I'm not going to let myself lose to you.

It glistens in the fading moonlight, as clouds were gathering overhead. When the first droplet of water hits the ground, Shuurai charges at me, his sword directed straight to my heart. I easily block it.

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Both Shuurai and myself ease up slightly as we turn our heads to her. So maybe you're Kuro Bushi, but from what I've seen you really don't care about titles, so Mr. Shuurai I'm sure he'd gladly give you the title of the best in all of Japan if you so desired. Now if you would please get off my property! More important, why didn't you kill me when you had the chance?

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You could've done so long ago, and I obviously don't mean very much to you. After all, you're Kuro Bushi and one little life like mine lost would make no difference in the world, would it?! Giving her a sad smile, I say, "actually, miss Momoi, your life does matter. For someone like me, who has taken far too many lives, yours means the world. And I didn't kill you before because of that reason, and simply because I didn't want to.

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Now, Shuurai, don't get the wrong idea. Overview A powerful Samurai waits in a forest for a foe, while he wait others continues to changelle him. It keeps getting bloodier and bloodier Product Details About the Author. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches.

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  • Kuro Samurai. Kuro Samurai a man raised by Myth! He sits in a forest and waits for He sits in a forest and waits for a formable opponent.

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    As he waits he's challenged by Akane! A blood trust Samurai who wants to be the greatest, but to become the greatest View Product.

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