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This shows just how serious Ellie takes her mission as it becomes clear that this is exactly why she maneuvers Casey Anya Taylor-Joy - the only one to escape the Horde in Split - into using her connection with Kevin to bring him back to himself. As the Beast, the Horde is invulnerable, but as Kevin, he can be killed. Ellie realises too late that he sent all the footage - which well and truly proves that superpowered people do exist - to Joseph, Casey, and his mother Mrs Price Charlayne Woodard , who then releases it into the world. Protecting your stove is easy and decorative with the Minuteman Internati ….

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It turns out sown grasses, which played an integral role in arable farming in Britain at the time of the first settlement in New South Wales, did not simply travel on the bootlaces and burlap sacks of those early settlers. Ecological imperialism, in this case, was much harder won if won at all. Scholarship of the British Empire has been largely silent on the subject of grass, even those histories that deal with environmental aspects of the empire. In a mixed-husbandry system, grass was the primary source of calories for livestock either through grazing or the consumption of hay and was, accordingly, the building block of manure, which was the primary means of artificially restoring fertility to arable lands.

Additionally, leguminous grasses fix atmospheric nitrogen and act as green manure when turned back into the soil. Indeed, it is my assertion that the agricultural revolution in Europe, especially in the well-watered British Isles, was as much about innovation and organization of grasslands in relation to agrarian production as it was about changes in agricultural mechanization or parliamentary enclosures. My time in the archives thus far has been fruitful, but not without challenges. First of all, I am examining a broad phenomenon across multiple regions, whose contributors and witnesses include not only elite institutions and individuals like the Royal Botanic Garden, the Colonial Office, colonial governors and secretaries, and wealthy landowners and aristocrats but also nonelites, such as small-scale farmers, nomadic parsons, and convict laborers.

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Second, I am trying to figure out how the land itself was transformed by agrarian development, and that is a much trickier task to do in a traditional archive, one requiring great flexibility and creativity. I have been bottom trawling. Some people are ice fishers. They find an appropriate spot, drill a hole, pick a suitable lure, and then methodically catch specific types of fish they know to be lurking below the surface.

Weekends in the Clover: Imagining Colonial New South Wales

I, on the other hand, have been dragging my weighted trawl net anywhere that even smells fishy. I have found reasonably edible fish, but not always the cod I was looking for. I have also hauled in all sorts of ocean floor miscellany rubber tires, rotting boots, an occasional mermaid. But unlike in the beginning of my research year, I am learning to discern the treasure from the trash as I build up the source material for this project. So why am I still poking my nose in the grass? As it turns out, there may be sound academic reasons to do so.