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It sitting there waiting for me at the door. I have a Siberian Husky and Great Dane!!!! Best dogs ever! Both are so different in personality but in a good way!!! We have Boxers.

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Why were they not considered? Aussies Australian Shepherds are the best dog on the planet. Super smart, obedient, loyal, loving, versatile, and they can see into your soul. Cavaliers run a very close second, probably the sweetest dog on the planet!! Never a bad day with those dogs. I miss her every day. Rescued Mutts of indeterminate breed. One of them even stays persistently on our side whenever one of us is ill.

Pomeranian wins Toy Group Judging at Crufts 2006

I love Shih Tzus! She missed her. I saw a shiih tzu on the bulletin board at petsmart, which was posting for the local shelter. Boyd was so so cute. We went through the process and my mom got him. After years of great company for her, he broke his lead see end of comment and ran out in the road and got hit and killed. My mother was beyond consoling so my brother and i decided to buy her a new one… we found one that people were getting rid of… both of these were so sweet, would sit in her lap while she crocheted, follow her to the bathroom, would sleep with her every night.

Thinking of Exporting Your Pet to Australia?

Just the perfect gentle companion dog. She would bring him over when we invited her for dinner; he got along fine with our dogs. Mom passed away years ago, I ended up with Boyd 2. My Boxer does something everyday to bring a smile to my face.

April 2018

He is a loving, loyal, goofy companion. And the butt wiggle never fails to lift my spirits when I come home after a bad day. Even when he gets in trouble I can never get made at him when he gives me that innocent look. We love our Boxer. He is sweet, silly, and makes me smile every time I look at his lovely face! I have 3 toy poodles , 2 are real characters, true what you say about grooming , I do my own!

Results - European Dog Show | Europejska Wystawa Psów Rasowych - Polska,

Saves me a lot of money. Definitely Boxer and Jack Russell. She brings us so much joy. My latest poodle is a rescue and she is the best thing to ever happen to my parents and I.

She will sit in his lap and let him pet her for hours on end. I have Golden Retriever and a Labrador. By unplanned occurance a Terrier mix came into my life. Stuffiest , unattractive thing really and I was a little sceptical at first. My goodness this dog has become so bonded to me and me to her. I love my other dogs but this girl has a character like to other. Never pass a scruffy, unattractive dog by because they have a huge heart to unlock that will only ever belong to you xx.

We have 2, always will have 2 of them. They are amazing and mine, Rosie, brings joy to nearly everyone she meets. Immediately lifts my mood when I walk in the door! Toy Fox Terriers. Mine is sweet, funny and loving. Boston Terriers we have one , Frenchies, and Pugs are all great. We even have a Bug, Boston and Pug. They love hanging with us. Makes me feel better all the time. I have 6 collie rough and 2 schipperke.

Mine will link the tears off my face when things become to much. Oh, they are also VERY addictive! Boxers have such beautiful personalities. They are pron to heart conditions but our boxer was on meds for life with heart condition and over active thyroid and she lived until she was 12 years old. Should also mention, however, VERY hard to find a place to live that accepts them.

Most homeowners insurance will even drop you with a pit bull living on the premises not State Farm though! I bought a trailer for us to live in. Bassett hounds…are so loveable and funny!. They can be stubborn and need to be fenced because they are scent hounds. Minimal shedding. German Shepherd!

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  • My girl has been a true life saver. I think as long as you have a loving connection with your dog or even cat you will always feels better.


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    They know when we are hurting and will love us to make us feel better. French buldog is the most positive dog and best medicine for depression. I have a frenchie for last ten years sonits true story. I lucked out big time.

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    Incredible dog! I also own a Cocker Pug, another great dog! They were both rescues, how can that possibly be, because they are amazing!

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