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The elfish quality of the child stimulates a sketch. Her growth moves into college years and then as a graduate while he, meantime, is discovering she is a person who has been dead for years. Her miming ability gives a quality to the four ages she portrays — from a small girl through the flowering woman.


Ingenuity in makeup also figures importantly in sharpening the portrayal. Joseph Cotten endows the artist with a top performance, matching the compelling portrayal by Jones. McMillan Johnson, Joseph B. Extract of a review from Running time: 86 MIN.

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Sterling K. Plot twists and incidents are changed, dropped and created from scratch. In completing the movie, Selznick burned through five scriptwriters before getting what he wanted. He also spent lavishly, rejecting Hollywood sets to film on location in New York and Massachusetts.


Doing so, he greatly enhanced the tug of the fantasy by unfolding it in recognizable places, often in Central Park. The build up to a foreshadowed end is seamless in both book and film.

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The climax finds Eben scrambling to understand who Jennie is, although the movie takes him to a more dramatic finish. One interesting highlight of the movie is the creation of a whole new character, Mother Mary of Mercy, a nun Eben visits in searching for Jennie. The role is played by silent film legend, Lillian Gish. As a story writer, my bias is always toward the magic of words in the interactive play of creating imaginary worlds.

Robert Nathan wrote what is now considered a masterpiece of fantasy, a convincing story of something that could not happen, but for Eben Adams, it does.

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  • But the film is an unforgettable work of art, too. Its scenes and story take you away with the first scene and keep you engaged and wondering until its dramatic conclusion. The story changes Selznick beat into his series of writers work on film, and the change in emphasis to an elusive love story is convincing, with great acting throughout.

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