Saga of Dizzy Lizard Childs Story

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The words connect with the pictures with situations that are easily recognizable. The story winds up by reiteration of the storyline and concluding with the the original subject and a poignant message of preference and friendship. Your email address will not be published. Sign me up for the newsletter! Email address:. Gecko on the Wall. Spread the love. Hard copy -. Read Online - Views Comments 9 […] has been translating many of our books into Spanish.

I loved the story and all the rhyming.

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Welcome back. It has all the stories but Three Little Kittens- but there are some poems along the way. Mine is a edition. There is an edition from perhaps that resembles your long lost book.

I have never been able to pull up your pictures to see what they look like! This is not the Haunted Attic by Margaret Sutton. You mistakenly classed one of my stumpers as "solved". I have also read that story-a couple of days ago-and it is not the book that I am looking for. Can you please put it back under "unsolved"? The Allen kids discover a girl hiding in the cabin they're living in.

She has been drugged and has amnesia. It turns out she was kidnapped by a man who then drugged her and tried to convice her that he was her father. The kids go in search of the girl's identity and her real father.

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They travel along a river in a cabin cruiser, pursued by the kidnapper and his gang. In the end she's reunited with her father. Margaret Buffie, The Dark Garden. Probably not the book you're looking for, but enough of the details match that it's a possibility. Elizabeth Enright, Thimble Summer , circa Thimble Summer is about Garnet, who lives on a farm in the Depression, and her friend Citronella which you may be remembering as Lemon! It includes a visit to a fair. It was a Newbery winner and should be easily available. The other main character, named Garnet, has a pig, which might have led to the association with the name Fern.

Mystery of the Silent Friends , in Solved Mysteries? The details don't quite fit, but there are both "no-evil" monkey sculptures and very old automatic dolls on platforms. One wrote, one drew a picture of a chalet and one played a harpsichord? I remember begging my mother to find dolls like that. Of course, who knows if dolls like that were ever common even in the 19th century - and there I was, asking for them in the late 's!

Ruth Sawyer, Rollerskates, s? Rollerskates is about a ten-year old girl living in an hotel or possibly an apartment building with two elderly relatives. It tells of her adventures over the course of a year, and all the unusual people she be-friends. Eloise at the Plaza , children's book series. Goffstein, Daisy Summerfield's Style. I just reunited with this book myself! I'm pretty sure it's the same one you are looking for. What I remember is that somehow this girl is supposed to be going one place, but she switches luggage?

I remember her being in nyc also, and the store with the monkeys is an art supply store. She wants to be an artist and she buys soapstone? She carves figures with moveable parts, and I think in the end she ends up selling them. I also remember that in order to have this fantasy life, she has to carefully budget the money she had for whatever it was she was really supposed to be doing. I can't remember the ending though!

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Cid Ricketts Sumner, Tammy series. Most of the things you talked about are in this story. Not exactly right but: Craig and his cousin Jill have been reduced to minute size and taken prisoner by an ant colony in punishment for stepping on one of its members. Down beneath the ground they are herded, down to the city under the back steps, where the haughty and Queen ruled with an iron hand, each of her subjects with a vital task to perform.

Craig and Jill are put to work! I agree that this sounds like the story of the princess and her friend Curdie, who followed an invisible magic strand to escape the goblin'' underground lair. Lewis' Narnia series includes a title called The Silver Chair This is a long shot: It was originally published around I'm guessing this one rather than The Silver Chair by Lewis , because the latter is easier to find. What magic powers it possesses she has not yet discovered, but the sudden changes in her life are unmistakable: Can Ellen ever find her family?

Can she use the power of the silver crown to thwart the powers of darkness? What diabolical force hides inside the mysterious castle in the woods? I'm inclined to second the recommendation of The Silver Chair. I don't recall where the children are when they get pulled into Narnia in this book, but they are sitting on a railway bench when their adventure starts in The Last Battle.

Sounds as though the requester may be combining these two titles into one. This is a contemporary fantasy that begins in Central Park, then moves into an odd sort of alternate setting in which teenaged Kevin is both prince and anti-hero. Wasn't there a big toy merchandise collection of toy unicorns for little girls in the s and early 90s, called Rainbow Brite? This sure sounds like a book based on those toys. Thanks for the suggestion, but it was definitely not Rainbow Brite. It was an Apple Paperback book. Emily Arrow is in the second grade at Polk Street school.

Emily has a rubber unicorn, Uni, perhaps an eraser. Uni accompanies Emily on quite a few adventures. I don't remember much reference to rainbows, but there is definitely a spooky book about an old house in the series, and Emily has a falling out with her best friend, Dawn, in another book.