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Remember me. Facebook Twitter Google. Previous Share Flag Next. Past tense of "slay" This week's question: What is the correct past tense of "slay? With examples from Stargate. To begin with, let's define "slay. To kill violently. This is a formal and archaic definition. Example: Ba'al's First Prime vowed to slay all who attempted to thwart his master. To overwhelm with amusement. This is the slang form. Example: "Yes, Colonel, your grade school pranks just slay me," said Rodney sarcastically.

The reason I defined "slay" is because which word you use for other tenses may be dependent on which definition you're using. There are two words for the simple past tense form of "slay. Slew - this word is mostly associated with the formal version of "slay.

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Slayed - this word is mostly associated with the slang form of "slay. This is changing, however, mostly in the US. In the UK "slayed" is rarely used as the past tense form of "slay.