The Case of the Lost Boy (The Buddy Files)

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The clues are unique and true to the fact that a dog is telling the story. Fans of dog stories, mysteries, or readers reluctant to start chapter books will appreciate this story. This first entry in a series is both sweet and suspenseful. The clear and direct plots, engaging characters, humor, and suspense will keep readers entertained. Black line illustrations aid in understanding. Illustrator Jeremy Tugeau Jeremy Tugeau has illustrated many books for children. He lives in Ohio with his wife and children. It's good to have a dog around a school. I want to make her happy because she smells like my neighborhood.

Maybe she knows my humans. Maybe she can help me find them. That's why when she asks me to sit, I sit. When she asks me to lie down, I lie down. And when she asks me to shake, I hold up my paw. Now she is extra-happy. She is so happy that she turns to the boy and says, "What do you think, Connor? Should we adopt this fella? The boy, Connor, must know this because he does not answer his mother. He just hangs back by the corner. He smells even sadder than he smelled before. I go over to him and lick his hand because it's not his fault I can't adopt him.

He and his mother are the kind of humans I would adopt if I didn't already have a family. No, you can't take me I already have a family. Didn't you know? Everything happens really fast after that. He gives me a new collar and Mom and Connor a new leash. Then they take me out of the meet-and-greet room They don't even let me say goodbye to all my new friends.

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Maybe adopting these people is not such a bad idea. Now I am one step closer to finding Kayla and Dad. I am in the back seat, and they are in the front. I spot a French fry on the floor. Mom grips the steering wheel extra-tight. You'll see. Your dad and I will watch for sales on airplane tickets. We'll send you back to California for a visit as often as we can afford to. I don't know where California is, but it must be far away if you have to fly there in an airplane.

Connor must miss his dad as much as I miss Kayla. I put my paws up on his seat and lick his ear to show him I understand. But she is driving, so she doesn't notice. She probably wouldn't understand even if she did notice. Most humans her age don't understand Dog at all. That's a wimp's name! My name is King. I am the King of Crime-solving. That's what Kayla says.

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And she is my queen. I put my paws back up on the front seat. Connor shrugs. Then he turns around and looks at me.

The Case of the Lost Boy by Dori Hillestad Butler

I think he wants to pet me. I can see it through the front window.

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It's the park! The park where Kayla takes me to play detective. You'd be surprised how many mysteries there are to solve in a park. I stare out the side window. I check out the kids who are playing ball Mom pulls into a driveway, and I am going crazy inside myself. Kayla, the other Mom, and Dad live in the Carrs' old house, just behind this one. What luck! I can to go back to my house and look for clues.

Now I know why I smelled my neighborhood on Connor and Mom. They live in my neighborhood. I can tell they haven't lived here very long, though. There are boxes piled everywhere. I sniff at a couple of them. Laundry soap. Electric stuff. And it's good food, too. Big colorful pellets.

A blend of wonderful things like chicken, fish, and liver. Much better than those little brown pellets they had at Barker Bob's. But wait! They have another bed for me. It's in Connor's room, and it's just my size.

I can reach it without jumping. Mom points to it and says, "Lie down. They also have a really cool bird toy.

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It's soft and squishy. You can tug it. You can carry it around. You can even make it squeak.