The Edge: Your Guide to Ultimate Strength, Speed and Stamina

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Step 4: Shock yourself at how quickly you can fill your garbage can with soon-to-be crusty toilet paper. If you can relate and pretty much every guy can that means you have practiced having orgasms one way: going straight from zero to one hundred as fast as possible. Your nervous system, musculature, and thought patterns have all been conditioned to adjust to support this goal.

Think about it: have you ever changed your technique? Porn not only reinforces these bad masturbation habits and helps condition premature ejaculation, but it also reinforces a false image that sex is all about constant penetration and genital stimulation. In reality, enjoyable sex is much more nuanced, sensual, and full bodied.

So, monkey see, monkey do. But to expect that you should, or even want to, perform like porn actors is ridiculous.


On average, they have average to high levels of sexual stamina, and the editors simply cut out all of the footage where they had to slow down and move away from the ejaculatory point of no return. One person can only receive so much deep thrusting. The average modern man is radically disconnected from his body. Said another way, he lacks acute somatic awareness. Our society in general promotes head-centric living.

City life and digital technology are hyper-stimulating. It keeps our attention fully absorbed in the external world, just trying to stay afloat and navigate managing the basic stresses and financial pressures of urban life. To achieve this, we literally end up numbing and tensing up our actual body, which disconnects us from the subtleties of our inner emotional lives. Men, more often than women, have to do a considerable amount of work to earn their way back in to their bodies.

Case in point: a higher percentage of women are more comfortable dancing on a dance floor than the average man. Again, because there are fewer steps that the feminine needs to take in order to be in their bodies. Certain types of meditation and yoga are geared toward reclaiming your focus and directing it to every inch of your body, in the present moment. This is a pretty short point, but I could write entire volumes of books about the topic.

Hooking up your emotional wires and re-learning how to express yourself is some of the most powerful shit you will ever do. Working on this will radically change your life in ways you could never expect. This exercise alone will help you dissipate body-level tension and drop into yourself with a lot more ease.

Eliud Kipchoge Shares 3 of His Most Effective Running Tips

Because, when it comes to sexual stamina for males versus females, the deck is stacked against us. They do this by looking to the process of genetic selection and the ways we lived for hundreds of thousands of years in the past. Whereas women are wired for multiple orgasms and only get more aroused as the session goes on, or at least until they have a really peak orgasm. It seems like a practical joke from nature itself, but evolutionary scientists explain that this difference in sexual stamina is an ancient artifact of natural selection. In many primates, we see multiple males mating with a female in a single session, or within a small period of time.

This seems to be the way primitive versions of homo sapiens mated as well. The idea is this allows for the strongest sperm to compete to fertilize her egg and yield the fittest offspring. Having multiple orgasms incentivizes the female to keep mating and take multiple sperm samples, which is further supported by having the males coming faster and getting out of the way. A quick obligatory general health note — tightening up your diet and exercise will massively help this whole process. Exercise is huge. It keeps you in touch with your body , lowers anxiety which causes premature ejaculation and releases a ton of sex-boosting chemicals.

Fitness Booster: Time to get cross to help your swimming!

Keeping your brain and body healthy promotes better neurological communication, which will also give you better orgasms. Make sure your heart gets pumping more than your cock. Avoid consuming energy drinks and processed foods — since hyper-stimulation is counterproductive to developing more acute somatic awareness. When it comes to cultivating sexual stamina, preparation is massively important.

You can play around with the variables to reflect yours, but the point is: how you show up at practice is how you show up to the game. You need to interrupt the pattern and bring more mindfulness into masturbation.

The point here is to bring total awareness to real, physical sensation, and build a relationship with your natural sexual energy. Absolutely NO porn, Instagram model accounts, or mental fantasizing. The point is to stay in your body, and connected to your physical sensations. Two simple things that will rush you to orgasm are shallow breathing and chronic tension. To make immediate improvements in your sexual stamina, focus on drawing deep, steady breaths. When you locate any spots of tension particularly your glutes, pelvis, front of your legs and stomach breathe into them and let it all go.

Simply by bringing attention inside your body, relaxing tension and breathing more consciously, you will already make noticeable improvements in your sexual stamina. To get to the next level and become a beast of sexual stamina, you need to practice the 9 to 5 technique. To earn your black belt in orgasmic mastery, running this deceptively simple drill is going to be your bread-and-butter.

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Imagine your sexual arousal on a scale of 1 to Practice mindful masturbation to work yourself up to a 9, and then, instead of pushing through to a 10, bring yourself back down to a 5, and repeat the cycle multiple times. To get a sense of what a 5 and 9 feel like, you have to play around with it yourself. Developing this familiarity and mapping out your 1 to 10 scale is all part of the beginning stage. As you continue to practice, pay closer attention to the ripples of arousal coursing through your body, to catch and control the swell of orgasm sooner. Work on the 9 to 5 technique at least once a week for minutes.

While doing this, you might even stumble across the mythical land of multiple orgasms. Just a few minutes of watching this training could change your whole sex life…. When you feel yourself building up to a 9, there are many different tools you can use to hit the brakes. Slowing down or stopping stimulation is perfectly fine.

Ditch those porn-induced sexual expectations and switch up intensities and styles. But still, the real black belt still has more nuanced techniques to control the situation while remaining present and engaged. Flexing your PC muscle is a sneaky one, which also takes practice to build up strength with. Pairing this with deep breathing is super effective. You can do it while inside her, or pull out for a moment and give it a flex.

The BEST Way to Improve Stamina for Soccer

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