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You've seen dragon-Blinky.

Trina comes through with her latest project

May I now present to you Dictatious dragon!! And since I had so much fun designing Blinky as a dragon, I wanted to give Dictatious a turn! I like how it turned out although the face alone took me like an hour to figure out lol. Maybe I'll color it later down the road, idk. But I just loved the writing for their first on-screen confrontation.

Thanks for the commission! Samie both misses and is mad at Dictatious at the same time.

Blinky and Dictatious. I like it. Tried to do a young Dictatious, I finally drew his hair without it looking on fire lol. But I need him to be a bit older than Samie and Blinky. Oh look, baby troll brothers trollhunters blinkousgaladrigal blinkygaladrigal dictatiousgaladrigal talesofarcadia. More dic bc 3Below made me miss him and this show. Come back! Did I hear dramatic gay brothers who show up to the same event in very similar outfits and wonder why everyone immediately knows their related? I think I did A gift I had drawn for Shina on tumblr for her birthday! My, my- I should not have let you go!

Old Troll Bros: Our younger son had an bit of an upper respiratory thing that made it arguably necessary for him to stay home from school last Monday But I did notice that one of the main troll characters is voiced by Kelsey Grammer known only to our kids for his Sideshow Bobness and that his often antagonistic brother is voiced by the more-relevant-to-adolescent-boys Mark Hamill.

My younger son observed me drawing this napkin back on September 25th, which was, coincidentally, Mr. Dramatic pause I pointed out that I was a child when the original Star Wars movie was released, and while Mr. Hamill was a young man at the time, he was clearly not in grammer school. Remarkably, I am also younger than Sideshow Bob. Happy Birthday, hamillhimself starwars lukeskywalker joker regularshow skips howtotrainyourdragon alvinthetreacherous trollhunters dictatiousgaladrigal.

So my buddy Chris turned me on to Troll Hunters. Finnaly got more trollhunters art! Sadly I can't get stricklers hair right so that will need to wait a bit. Found a post about dictatiousgaladrigal getting an audio book because he's blind and can't read. So this is the result!

Comment what you think! If you want a screenshot of the original post let me know dictatiousgaladrigal blinkousgaladrigal blinky trollhunters trollhuntersart traditionalart art outline trolls pensketch pen sketch purple darklands trollhunterfanart trollart. Blinky lept to his feet as quickly as he could as his brother hit the ground once again.

He rose to his feet, dragging the weight of the blade across the obsidian ground. Then he leapt. Some silly brother shenanigans of Troll Hunters' Blinky and Dictatious! Aaarrrggghhh and Blinky are my Top Tier Trolls trollhunters trollhunter troll trolls aaarrrggghhh blinky blinkousgaladrigal dictatiousgaladrigal blinkous nomura charactersketch doodles sketches netflix fanart fanartfriday artistsoninstagram artistsofinstagram artistofinstagram digitalart characterart.

I colored it! Dictatious sitting on the sofa with Toby's nana, drinking tea? Credit me if you repost, please!

Transition to this new world, which only has four hours of sunlight, would take over twenty years. Earth is now in year twelve. Only Alesa knows the true reason for the Gapie's "helping-hand", and she has plans of her own. But first, she must get her girlfriends to trust her, and that took a few years to do. Now, she would implement her plans and take her friends on an adventure that would change their lives, and their hearts, forever. Enjoy this magical, romantic world in a page novella. Though the waitress had offered to help, she had refused, but now she slightly regretted it.

The place was packed. That didn't help, especially because she was late for their dinner date Sorry, guys, she said, then bobbed her head as each of her friends blew kisses. Smooches, smooches, smooches. She squeezed in next to Carmen and faced her other two friends.

Sorry I'm late, she repeated. Yes, you like it? Tammie flung her hair. I was feeling like auburn blonde this month. You haven't missed anything, Katherine said, sipping her White Russian. Tammie turned to Alesa, who placed her hand over her heart in mock exaggeration.


The Works of Aleister Crowley - Complete Aleister Crowley

Whatever could you mean? Alesa said. You bored with me now? Carmen chuckled as Katherine rolled her eyes, but held a warm smile. I'm just getting Tammie up to speed. So, Tammie said, putting her purse between herself and Carmen. You mind? Carmen shook her head, and Tammie continued. So, is it fairies, dwarves, dragons, mermaids, or Katherine hopped up quickly to adjust her long brunette ponytail.

She had accidently sat on it, which she often did. She then playfully groaned and said, All of the above, unfortunately. You're just saying, Carmen interrupted with her thick Spanish accent, that we're all so pathetic that we only have fairy tales to keep us company. They all laughed. It's not that bad, Tammie finally said between giggles. He does have a nice tool. Which you like very much, Carmen said, But what good is a nice tool if you don't know how to use it?

Tammie rolled her eyes and welcomed the sight of the waitress.

Amber - Diceless RPG

Did ya'll order food already? They happened to get their regular server, who confirmed each of their usual dinner orders. After she left, Tammie opened her purse. Oh, before I forget, she said, pulling out flowers. I found these at a small store not too far from the mall. The flowers were hair accessories with, of course, sparkling crystal rhinestones that looked like rain droplets.

The Irish Legend of Tir na nOg

Tammie loved anything that sparkled, and she handed them out as if they were gemstones. Alesa immediately put hers in her afro, which rose quite a few inches in the air. Katherine reached over and adjusted the flower's angle for her.