Trois discours sur la condition des grands (French Edition)

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See n. Grassi , M. Paris , , Feld, Melancholy and the Otherness of God , 63—7.

With his notorious bouts of sickness—acute headaches, partial paralyses, digestive problems and pains, and what Gilberte called his chalheur d'entrailles , among other chronic grandes indispositions —Pascal was no stranger to medical practice. If, as Brockliss and Jones, The Medical World , , , claim, early modern patients were expected to speak the medical idiom of their physicians during consultations, Pascal likely knew something of Galenism.

Le Temps des archives / 1950: le "Discours sur le colonialisme" d’Aimé Césaire

Pinel arguably traces the treatment back to ancient Egyptian mass cures. Diversion's social character is thus inscribed into its genealogy. Only around did Galenism begin to recede in French medical institutions, though not from the vocabulary of the iatromechanism that then reigned until about , when Newtonian science encouraged a pluralist empiricism in medicine. Paris , ; first published , r—v 55—6. Paris , Condemned by the Inquisition in , a reworked version appeared in Beecher , Donald and Ciavolella , Massimo Paris , , —8. Sellier, Martinez , R.

Minneapolis , , See also Foucault, Histoire de la folie , Morbid obsessions were proverbial symptoms of melancholy. Charles Jourdain Paris , , 11— Riaux , M. Sellier, —50, at Avicenna's Canon was the centerpiece of French medical theory in the late Middle Ages. Brockliss and Jones, The Medical World , 90— Cottingham , J.

Cambridge , , 13 modified ; AT, 8: 18— Heller-Roazen , D. Stanford , On this typically Christian attitude see Lebrun, Se soigner autrefois , 8— Dorival G. Let us not rest on our laurels. Tuberculosis threatens us. It must be defeated. A hand is holding a thread that is tied to a knife labeled "La Tuberculose" suspended over laurel branches. The snake is dripping venom. The German eagle will be vanquished and tuberculosis must be too.

The eagle grabs the sword with its talon, as blood drips from its wound. A crown lies upside down next to the eagle's head. Capon Geo. August 15, To benefit the war charities of the Department of [Calvados]. December 25 and 26, Organized by Parliament. Behind them is a sewing machine, and a tipped chair; a little dog is in the left-hand corner. Caption: Enfin seuls. Alone at last.

TEXTE - Le discours d'Emmanuel Macron au Congrès de Versailles

Willette Devambez, Imp. Through the smoke rise images of battle-weary troops. October 31 - November 1, Organized by the Parliament.

With you and by you we will vow to save France. He became premier of France for a short while in One has a rose in his mouth. Maurice Neumont Devambez, Imp.

by Pascal, Blaise

The title and accompanying text are incorporated into a decorative border of yellow, red and dark blue North African patterns, which frames the main text. Raffle…] The title and accompanying text are incorporated into a decorative border of yellow, red and dark blue North African patterns, which frames the main text. Paquetage du soldat. The soldier's kit. January 23, In the center is a train. On the left are two soldiers at the front. One has outstretched arms reaching for the supplies that are falling from the sky.

Paris, France 78 x Pour les combattants. July 14, For the soldiers. At the bottom is a sketch of a French soldier. The French flagpole has a spike on the top; the Serbian flagpole has a crown. Both flagpoles have a ribbon of their national colours attached. The rest is text. Villain et Bar, Imp. February 4, For the exclusive benefit of the Department's war charities.

The Grands Ensembles

Abel Truchet Devambez, Imp. An appeal to the people] black and white text only; no images not an exact match Marcel Picard, Imp. Small children dressed in soldiers' uniforms standing at attention while wounded soldiers walk by them. Paris, France Oeuvres de Guerre Anniversary of the Battle of Kossovo. King Peter is being transported across the bridge. The Battle of Kossovo was the last battle lost by the Serbians before they were forced to migrate into the Albanian mountains for the winter.

France – Afrique : le texte du discours de Dakar prononcé par François Hollande

Charles Fouqueray Devambez, Imp. June 25, Organized by parliament. Paris, France June 25, ] Serbians both military and civilian personnel crossing the River Drina into Albania or what is now Yugoslavia. Let us save them. A woman's hands rest on his shoulders. Very fragile — piece missing from bottom text. If one had done away with alcohol] A street scene in which a man in uniform looks at another man who leans on a lamp post. The man leaning on the post has a beard and a bottle protrudes from his coat pocket.

Two vultures are at the bottom. Text and image is framed by palm trees. Six small thumbnails run along the bottom of the benefits of the Americans joining the war. Above him the crowned female figure of Resistance rises from the smoke, wearing a cloak and breastplate, and armed with a rifle. The smaller image shows a German eagle tearing up a treaty.

Robida The revolution in Russia in left Russia's army in chaos and put the Bolsheviks in power. The Bolsheviks made the decision to take Russia out of the war and the Romanians made the same decision. The woman from Lorraine brings the flag up to her lips to kiss it. Henri Royer Lapina, Imp. In the background is a partial map of France. The map shows the Hindenburg Line in red ink. Their culture.

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Never forget German crimes] dated: black and white A mother and child kneel beside a despoiled grave. Behind them, a German soldier, carrying a pickaxe and a bag of booty, walks away. In the background are damaged trees and buildings. Bertrand, Imp. Paris, France 98 x Paris, France 65 x Nos morts pour la patrie. Those who have died for our country. This is France! They are on a hill overlooking a cemetery full of soldier' graves.

Jonas J. Cussak, Imp. Paris, France 44 x A reminder that they are one and the same person after the war. In the background, dark clouds symbolising German world domination are dissipated by the sun, which is labelled "no" and symbolises a balance of power between the world powers. The first map shows the border before ; the second shows the areas occupied by Prussia in the Franco-Prussian War of ; the third shows the areas occupied by Germany in Langlois, Imp.

Five white doves, each wearing a Pickelhaube, fly above. Nothing German! Nothing from the Germans] Marianne, the personification of France, gesturing toward the Rheims cathedral burning in the background. Lemielle Chaix-Paris, Imp. Preys C.

Maurice Neumont P.