Verrücktes Paris: Die Sonderausstellung (German Edition)

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It is a case of emergency. The burning of the cotton is a willing attempt to exterminate a substance that both generates enormous wealth as well as previously unimaginable inequalities. Through the artists own entanglements, the exhibition opens an ambivalent memory space, one that attaches to the endurance of the otherwise, while at the same time giving the visitor an impression of the effects of the performative acts which legitimize our social relations. Vernissage: Freitag April , August Gustav Metzger rief einen internationalen Kunststreik aus, der drei Jahre lang dauern sollte, um die Auseinandersetzung mit dem kritischen Potenzial der Kunst zu intensivieren.

Goran Djordjevic folgte Metzgers Idee und rief in Belgrad zu einem internationalen Kunststreik auf Es gilt ausnahmslos besorgt zu sein. Opening on Friday 22nd March, 7 pm Exhibition: Gustav Metzger called for an international Art Strike, which was supposed to last between and in order to strengthen the engagement with the critical potential of art.

Today as in the past artists have been engaged with the refusal or sabotage of art under capitalist economy. The group Precarious Workers Brigade has been organizing since around issues of precarious free labour in the arts and education along with other groups like Working Artists and the Greater Economy, which all acknowledge the history of artistic labour and activism. There is no exception in feeling concerned. As one senses the need to negate the juncture of material and symbolic conditions, which determine the labour market and institutional wage policies, the question of the strike arises.

Verrücktes Paris: Die Sonderausstellung (German Edition)

Thus the demands for a qualitative change in the relations of production of commodities, knowledge, and art and the recognition of invisible and precarious work are still crucial. The exhibition by Sofia Bempeza deals with historical and contemporary labour and strike practices in the arts. For that reason the exhibition also lays claim to friendships and complicities while including archive material and biographical works.

Wir freuen uns auf euch! Lebt und arbeitet in Solothurn als "bricoleur universal", Ton- und Elektronikingenieur. Auch die mechanische Aufnahme ist in seinen Konzerten, Installationen und Performances sehr wichtig. Flo Kaufmann is artist and musician. Electronic experimental music, sound and video installations. A main topic in his work, is converting technological flotsam like typewriters, vacuum cleaners or x-ray machines into mostly pure analog musical instruments. Also mechanical recording is very important in his concerts, installations and performances.

He regularly plays in Experimental context solo or with various artists.

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Es ist eine Geschichte nach altbekanntem Muster. Welchen Einfluss haben diese auf die Form und die Verbreitung von Geschichten? Within Corpoanarchy there will be a common space to host a series of events. The events will be held in English. Die Veranstaltungen werden in Englisch stattfinden. Corpoanarchy refers to the performative refusal of the body on a molecular level. In several cases within authoritarian states, such effects resulted in the disposition of bodies in diaspora, camp and exile which in hindsight introduced those bodies to new rigid forms of borders and necropolitics.


This process reveals the failure of the universality of human rights. Corpoanarchia suggests a critical way of dealing with this matrix through a performative refusal on a molecular level. Corpoanarchy examines the performativity of social movements through the lens of the behavior of such micro-organisms. Dezember , Wie funktionieren diese Wiederholungen von Rassismen und teils subtilen Aktualisierungen neo kolonialer Praktiken und Darstellungen?

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Ausstellung von Freitag Oktober bis Samstag 3. Dienstag Oktober , 19 Uhr. As watery we all owe ourselves to other bodies of water. As watery we all eventually pass our waters on. We rely on water for our continued proliferation, but we are also reservoirs for this proliferating force of life in the plural. Our planetary hydrocommons is not just a network of interconnected geophysical waters, it is also made up from all bodies that materialize and transform these waters in there own fur and flesh.

Imagining ourself as part of an embodied hydrocommons, we might then ask some questions about our responsibility to the waters that we come from and about our countability for the waters that we pass on. It is about our own fishy beginnings. Astrida Neimanis.

September - Es wird fortlaufend aktualisiert. Grillieren am I have been measured for even longer.

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I still remember how in grammar school I once achieved the best grade possible in the half-yearly report I remember the outrage the ETH ranking in caused at my high school, since we were ranked at the bottom ten of schools. I was hopeful that it was a chance for change, not fully grasping the problems that came along with its methodology. I always tried to run faster, jump higher and throw farther. Recently I found myself still on top of the all-time ranking of the sports club I used to compete for in javelin throwing gram.

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Partly, because I am so used to it and it seems to be the most logical thing to do. History of Dead Air JUNI - Datensicherheit ist eines der Themen der Stunde. Man kann daher davon ausgehen, dass so ziemlich alles, was man auf einem Smartphone tut, den jeweiligen Dienstleistern bekannt ist. Es gibt leider nicht wirklich viele Auswege aus diesem Panoptikum.

Eine Strategie, sich den Datenkraken zu entziehen, sind sogenannte Costum Roms. Alternative Apps gibt es in alternativen App Stores, ausserdem lassen sich die vertrauten Apps auch vom PlayStore laden, ohne sich bei Google anzumelden. Vielleicht hast du aber auch noch ein altes Handy, das noch funktioniert, aber vom Hersteller nicht mehr updatet wird? Ihre Arbeit zirkelt um partizipative Formen, eng verstrickt mit dem Raum in dem sie selbst leben.

Mai Was kann Kunst, was kann sie nicht? Daily life is made of many events. Some are created consciously by us and we can measure their effects.

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Some others don't capture our attention at all. Some events are like air. Performing is a part of their perspective on the meaning of time in their daily lives and their thoughts on a notion of wasting time. This project is a performance dialogue between Mekawei and Mansour, in which they use live elements of talking to each other; Mansour uses objects to describe those thoughts in parallel with live sound art of Mekawei. Manche Ereignisse sind wie Luft.

Yara Mekawei is a Cairo-based electro-acoustic music composer and sound artist. She extracts the musical conversation of the visual images. As a prolific video and performance artist, who integrates the exotic visual elements of her society into a progressive fusion of her projects, she initiates and curates multidisciplinary interventions, events, concerts and workshops in Europe and the Middle East. Fascinated by the endless oscillation of the human condition, he looks at what can start as a triumph and turns into a manifesto of defeat, leaving a sense of what could have been.

He distorts those phenomenons through diligent personal practice, leaving the viewer with a testament from the edges of his world. Einfacher, freundlicher, gerechter. Im Moment interessieren uns Rezepte. Erst beim Kochen zeigen sich die Schwierigkeiten, erst mit den Zutaten kann das Ganze misslingen. Wir haben also vor, die Zeit zu nutzen und einiges zu kochen, das wir schon lange ausprobieren wollten. The film depicts two types of characters: inhabitants of the fictional planet of gender utopian society that are gender fluid, and real characters who find themselves outside of cisnormativity.

Samstag, Dazu wird uns das Djette feminarien ein Set liefern, das sich durch feministische, dekoloniale und anti-rassistische Begegnungen durchforstet. Sonntag, In einer zweiten Phase werden diese in Silikon gegossen. Anmeldung an hallo ckster. We aim to bring about situations whereby appreciations of Noise are undertaken simultaneously across multiple 'platforms' i. Noiserr is a Amsterdam-based project by Martina Raponi and Max Hampshire who will guide through the workshop. Thus the workshop will be held in English.